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Youth Ages 14 - 21

Why choose Venturing?

To explore and learn! Venturing operates all year long and provides positive and challenging experiences for youth ages 14-21, guided by adults, to help them prepare for adulthood.  Venturing Crews set their own activity calendars and may choose to participate in a wide variety of experiences centered around the members’ interests and schedules.

Do youth in Venturing grow in character and leadership?

Venturing is founded on mentorship between the youth and the adult unit leaders and community partnerships. Youth in Venturing choose to belong to a Crew. This Crew is organized to meet the needs of its members and is aligned with members of the community who can assist them. Crew members choose, plan, and execute their own service projects and adventures under the advice of an adult Advisor. Through this program, youth develop leadership skills applicable to life. They challenge themselves with outdoor adventures, hobbies and explore their interests while serving their communities.

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What types of adventures can youth expect?

Rainbow Council Venturing Crews enjoy a wide variety of outings, activities and adventures thanks to the amazing natural resources at our own camp, Rainbow Scout Reservation in Morris, IL and around the country at high adventure bases. Venturing Crews can plan their own adventures from rock climbing to whitewater rafting or conquer a skill like computer coding. The possibilities are endless in Venturing.

How do I know if Venturing is the right program for my youth?

If you want to see your youth grow into a confident, successful leader and stand out among their peers, then Venturing is for your family. Youth involved in scouting have a higher rate of success in school and are more likely to give back to others.

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How Safe is Venturing?

Scouting America provides a Guide to S.A.F.E. activities, position specific training for adult Advisors and require all adults in contact with youth to complete Youth Protection Training along with an extensive background check. Scouting America has taken steps to secure the health and safety of our youth and we follow those guidelines in Rainbow Council Venturing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Venturing organized?

All youth in Venturing join a specific Crew. Together, Crews choose, plan and execute their own activities and projects based on their schedule. Crews can choose to focus heavily on outdoor adventure trips or center around a hobby or skill supported by a community sponsor.

How committed is Rainbow Council Venturing to safety?

Through careful partnerships with child protection experts, Scouting America has developed some of the leading policies on protecting youth in the industry as well as training for our adult volunteers. Additionally, all adult volunteers are required to undergo an extensive background check and follow the policies as outlined in Youth Protection Training when there is any kind of direct contact. One of those policies is two-deep leadership which mandates two trained adults be present during any interaction with youth.

How do I locate a Venturing Crew?

You can connect with us directly using our Contact Us Form or give us a call at (815) 942-4450. You can also locate a Crew near you with the click of a button using your zip code. To find a Crew near you, go to, enter your zip code, select “Venturing” and get links and contact information to Crews in your area.

Who will lead my Crew?

Youth hold all the key leadership positions within the Crew from President to Secretary. Adults serve as Advisors to their youth and make sure their plans are feasible and follow the Scouting America Guide to S.A.F.E. activities are also there to support the youth in their planning and help them to identify their strengths and weakness so they can grow into confident, successful adults who are capable of tackling challenges.
Rainbow Council also provides many training opportunities for our leaders to enhance the program they oversee and increase the skills they can pass onto our Scouts.

Is Venturing compatible with other activities?

Venturing is a program designed to work with the busy schedules of families and youth. Venturing offers such a variety of programs and opportunities that youth can choose to take advantage of the ones that fit their schedule and interests. Scouting works in tandem with other commitments so the youth can balance their schedule while taking advantage of the unique leadership, mentorship and personal growth experiences only Venturing can provide. The Venturing experience is also led by the individual scout. They participate and work through any awards or rank advancement at their own pace.

Is it easy to join Venturing?

Venturing Crews are easy to find anytime of the year!  Crews near you are found on Simply enter your zip code, select “Venturing”, and there is a list of Crews in your area.  You can also contact us directly for more information or assistance by filling out this quick Contact Us Form or by calling (815) 942-4450.