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COPE and Challenge take your Scouts to new heights. COPE isn’t just for scouts now, you can bring your own troop, den or group to experience the next level of adventure!

What is Challenge | COPE?

Challenge is a series of FUN group activities used to develop:


COPE is a scout acronym for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience and refers to High Rope and Low Rope Course activities

Who can request a Challenge | COPE Experience?

Cub Scouts | Scouts | Venturers | Post Explorers

Non-Scouts | American Heritage Girls

Church Groups | School Groups | ROTC

Adult Group Outings

Request for COPE Activities

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What does Rainbow Scout Reservation Challenge | COPE course offer?

We have a cultivated course as well as team building activities to challenge people from all ages. 

  • INITIATIVE GAMES: meant for being played on the ground and appropriate for all ages.
  • LOW COPE: activities using events and low structures appropriate for middle school thru adults.
  • HIGH COPE: includes using events and our high ropes courses.
  • Climbing Tower: a large structure with climbing handles that replicate real climbing structures

COPE and Challenge Programs

Climbing Merit Badge

ainbow Scout Reservation (RSR) conducts Climbing Merit Badge classes during summer camp and can arrange to conduct small group classes year round on our Climbing Tower.

During our year-round program Climbing Merit Badge consists of one full day session on our tower where you will learn and complete requirements 4, 9-12. Requirements 1, 2 and 4-8 must be learned prior to the session. We can provide counselors to help with requirements 1, 2, and 4-8.

Have an incomplete? We can help with that!

We also accommodate the Cub Scout and Webelos climbing programs.


Open COPE is an activity we are starting this year. We will open the Climbing Tower, High COPE, and Low COPE courses to all comers for a days fun. For a set fee TBD per person you can do as many activities as you can all day.

All activities will be governed by the Guide to Safe Scouting and you will only be allowed to do age appropriate activities.

You will need a BSA Class A/B physical and a Hold Harmless agreement.
We cannot guarantee that all  can do everything they want as this will be a first come first serve activity.
This year OPEN COPE is TBD. Open to all registered Scouters, this event does require advanced registration.

Climbing Tower

RSR has a 30-foot Climbing Tower that features a 24-foot bouldering wall, 20- and 30-foot climbs, two chimneys, and 20- and 30-foot rappels.

Cub Scouts can climb.

Webelos can also add rappelling to their experience.

Middle School Scouts are eligible for the chimney climb

Schedule your group for a Climbing Adventure. 

Pack/Troop/Crew/Post Leader Open Day

This is a day where scout leaders may come out and participate in the Challenge Activities. The Climbing Tower, High COPE, and Low COPE areas will be open for your use. Staff will be present to answer your questions and help you participate. We will also have a pulled pork dinner. Advanced registration is REQUIRED.

Shooting Sports will also be open. Dinner will be provided.
Registration is open to all adult leaders and is free of charge.

Leaders will need a BSA Class A/B physical to participate.


Low COPE consists of a series of team-building games or activities designed to develop fun team skills in:

leadershipdecision makingself-esteem
communicationplanningproblem solving
and trust!

We can develop a program for all kinds of group outings from a group of adult friends, to an experienced group of adventurers wanting to hone their skills.

Events Include: The Wall, Cross Cross, Water Wheel, The Beam, Tire on a Pole, Mohawk Walk, Wild Woosey, Drop Zone/Nitro Crossing, Swinging Beam, Trust Fall, Artesian Beams, Islands, and Trak Walk



High COPE is performed on our High Rope Course 20 feet above the ground. Participants are harnessed in and protected by belayers while they are challenged to perform numerous trust and esteem building activities.

Events include: ZIP Line, Flying Squirrel, Giant Swing, Giant Ladder Beam, Multi Vine, Mush Line, Centipede, Tremor Bridge, Burma Bridge, 2 Line Bridge, Skywalk, Pirates Crossing, Caving Ladder, Milk Crate Stacking, Confidence Pole and Cargo Net.

Looking for an additional Challenge?

Try doing the elements blindfolded!


Climbing Weekend

This program is currently being planned. It will be a weekend program at a natural rock venue. We will have a limited number of openings for tis program. The activity is limited to youth and adults with climbing experience.

This is a Friday to Sunday adventure at a natural rock climbing site. The trip is open to scouts age 13 and up including Venturers, Post Explorers, and a limited number of adults. The trip is limited to experienced climbers, you must have Climbing Merit Badge or Instructor’s Permission to go.

Stay Tuned to this page for additional information.

PLC Leadership Development

Several troops have run programs to train their new Senior Patrol Leaders Council. We are developing a program that will explain the duties of each member of the PLC including a discussion by youth who have held these positions. The program will also feature Team Building and Problem-Solving experiences to challenge the youth. The agenda will also feature time for each troop PLC to work on their own plans.

This program is currently under development and more details are coming soon!

Trainings Offered

In order to register for our training program, you must be a registered Scouting America member and meet the age requirements for the specific level (18 for Level I, 21 for Level II).

The RSR programs are currently offered in conjunction with the Pathways to Adventure Council. Training is council specific and will only be honored by Rainbow Council or Pathways to Adventure Council.

The RSR programs are taught at a Level II level and include the Level I requirements. The Climbing – Artificial surfaces program is incorporated in all of the COPE Level II programs. Training programs are conducted at a cost to the individual, however, participants are expected to help with their council programs. RSR typically expects an instructor to help in five activities per year. 

The Climbing Natural Rock program is offered as the need arises. The program features a weekend at a natural rock site and focuses on planning routes and anchors. Participants in this session should have extensive climbing experience including knots and belaying.

We also offer Climb on Safely. Training is offered at minimal cost.

COPE Level II | Climbing Level II

COPE Level II – (Including Level I) Instructor for training on the COPE course which includes Artificial Rock

Climbing Level II – (Including Level I) Artificial Rock (as a segment of COPE Level II)

Climbing Natural Surfaces Level II (including Level I)

Climbing Natural Surfaces Level II (including Level I)

Belayer Training Session

Belayer Training session is for scouts (14 and over) and adults interested in learning how to belay climbers. The course will cover how to fit a harness, specific climbing knots, climbing and COPE commands, and belaying techniques used at RSR and other area facilities.


What are the age requirements for the courses?

  • Cubs (all ages) can climb
  • Webelos can rappel
  • Scouts (>11) can participate in COPE with Director’s permission. This is a function of the individuals maturity.

What are the height and weight requirements?

If you exceed the maximum weight for height as explained in the following chart and your planned height-adventure will take you more than 30 minutes away from an emergency vehicle/accessible roadway, you may not be allowed to participate. If you exceed the H/W restrictions, Part C of the physical must have no medical restrictions indicated to participate.
Maximum weight for height:

Height/Weight Requirement Restrictions
Height (IN)Weight (MAX) Height (IN)Weight (MAX) Height (IN)Weight (MAX) Height (IN)Weight (MAX)
64189692207425279 and over295

What are the clothing recommendations for COPE?

  • Scouts should wear comfortable clothing. Long, thick pants are encouraged particularly because we will be out in the woods (jeans, khakis, etc).
  • Nylon shorts are not encouraged.
  • Closed toe shoes are required, hard sole shoes are encouraged.

How do I request a session?

The unit leader fills out a request for a date and submits the request to Rainbow Council via the form below (see Requests Forms) and the Challenge Manager.

An event date will be agreed to and Challenge staff will forward our Hold Harmless agreement and a sign in.

The Hold Harmless Agreement is actually Part A of the BSA Form 680-001 Part C Informed Consent, Release Agreement, and Authorization. The Course is required to keep this form. All participants under 18 must have this signed by parent(s) or guardian. Present these forms at the start of the event.

The sign in sheet should be prepared ahead of time. This is a WORD form and we encourage you to fill in the manes using your computer. If participants names are on the form but do not show up we will simply cross them out. Filling this form out greatly accelerates our process.

Request Forms for COPE and TRAINING HERE

Request for COPE Activities

Please use the form below 

Request for Training

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