Alumni Events

 With the help and generosity of our volunteers and committee members, we had many attendees meet and greet several special guest speakers. We have also held events to thank our volunteers and Scouts to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the years.

Rainbow Council stands the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Events like these showcase real life application of Scout skills later in life. Our Scouts come from Will, Grundy and Kankakee county. Every day these scouts are learning to apply their skills to their personal lives and their communities. Events like the Eagle Scout Luncheon helps keep the Scouting Program local.

 In order to serve the youth of Will, Grundy, and Kankakee, we invite you to join us during these very special events. 

Special Visits to Rainbow Council

Roosevelt Visits Rainbow Council

In 2023, we held a very unique event. We had Roosevelt visits the Rainbow Council Event held at the Lincoln Cultural Center on February 18th! Clay Jenkinson brought Theodore Roosevelt to life in Kankakee, thanks to the efforts and coordination of many volunteers in Rainbow Council. This event was open to Scouts, veterans, friends and family. All who attended laughed and learned. Thank you to all who supported this event and to our sponsors!.

Aaron Linsdau Visits Rainbow Council

2024 Scouting America emblem depicting clip-art of a blue eagle with a patriotic shield across it's chest. The eagle overlays a red fleur de lis on a white background

In 2019,  we had the honor of introducing our Scouting attendees to Aaron Linsdau. He spoke to our scouts, about perseverance, determination, strength and adventure. The Scouts were able to meet him, take photos and long-lasting memories of the event.

Eagle Scout Recognition Event

Portrait photo of female-presenting individual with long dark hair. They are wearing a tan scouting uniform with several badges and a hat. They are standing and speaking at a podium.

We will be celebrating the Eagle Scout class of 2023 at Rainbow Scout Reservation on June 8th, 2024. Please join us in celebrating all that the 2023 class of Eagle Scouts have achieved.

New 2023 Eagle Scouts may attend at no cost. Individual tickets are $35 each. All other attendees must have a paid ticket.

There are multiple sponsorship opportunities available for our Eagle Recognition Event, see this link for more information 

Council Recognition Dinner

We will be celebrating the following award recipients:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • District Award of Merit
  • Silver Beaver

Event will start with social gathering and dinner following.

Youth are welcome to attend.

This is a non-uniformed event.