Photo of two youth holding snack boxes and cereal boxes. There is a pallet of food behind them and they are smiling for the camera.

Ages 14 - 21

Why choose Exploring?

For the Adventure! Exploring is a year-round program for all youth ages 14-21 that provides opportunities for leadership development and career development by networking with career professionals. In Rainbow Council, youth in Exploring are members of a Post which is Chartered by an organization like the Police or Sheriff’s department. The adult professionals develop and mentor the youth while offering hands-on experiences in their respective career fields. Exploring provides youth with positive, character building experiences and important career readiness and life skills.

Do youth really build character and leadership skills?

Yes! Exploring connects interested youth to career professionals who guide and teach valuable life skills. Through hands-on experience, Explorers determine whether a particular career field is a good fit. These safe and exciting opportunities also serve as the foundation for good citizens and ethical leaders.

Photo of male-presenting lecturer at a podium. They are speaking to a group of youth who are sitting and listening. They are wearing dark blue shirts with the words "EXPLORER."
A group photo with a group of youth in uniforms in front of a row of adults in various law enforcement uniforms. They are posted in rows, in front of a backdrop reading "Joliet Police Department". They are smiling.

Do Explorers learn networking?

Absolutely! Youth in Exploring are connected to adult leaders and professionals in their field of interest.  As Explorers, youth also connect with other like-minded young adults and build those professional relationships along with personal friendships. 

Does Exploring work?

Yes! Exploring is part of the Scouting America, a leading youth leadership program, which cultivates an interest in learning, better citizenship, new friends along with a sense of adventure. Exploring youth do better in school and learn leadership skills that last a lifetime. Explorers learn about future careers while serving their community.

A group photo with a large group of youth in various uniforms. They are posted in rows, in front of several plow service vehicles. They are smiling.
Group photo of several youth posing in two rows. It is night in downtown Joliet. The youth are all wearing police jackets and smiling. There is both an American and Illinois state flag being held by two youth in the back row.

Is Exploring safe?

The health and safety of our Scouts is our top priority. We require volunteers to undergo a background check and complete training so they can interact with youth in a safe manner.  Volunteers are also equipped with resources and training to offer fun, guided learning opportunities in a safe, accessible and age-appropriate manner.

More Frequently Asked Questions

How is Exploring organized?

Exploring is for all youth ages 14-21 who come together and form a Post. Posts are chartered by various professional community organizations or service departments. Youth in Posts are led by adults who are trained specialists in their career field. Posts serve both male and female youth and provide opportunities for career exploration as well as character development.

What is the Explorers' Program commitment to safety?

Nothing is more important than the safety and protection of children.
Over many years, Scouting America has developed some of the strongest expert-informed youth protection policies found in any youth-serving organization including mandatory criminal background checks for all leaders, required training in youth protection, mandatory reporting and two-deep leadership.

Is Exploring located near me?

Yes! Exploring posts are chartered by professional agencies and community businesses. There are many organizations in neighborhoods throughout the area that sponsor Explorer Posts. To locate a Post close to you, visit www.BeAScout.org, enter your zip code, select “Exploring”, and a list of Posts near you will be at your fingertips. Or, give us a call at (815) 942-4450. Additionally, you can fill out our Contact Us Form with some quick information and we’ll contact you!

Who will lead the Explorer Post?

Adults, who are trained professionals in their respective fields, are there to guide the youth.

What if my child already has other activities?

Many youth take part in Exploring along with a variety of other activities like sports, music, academic interests and more. Most Exploring programs align with the school calendar and begin in the fall, while some also offer summer activities, annual conferences, internships and other events. Most Posts meet once or twice a month throughout the year.

How can my child join Exploring?

Joining Exploring is easy and available year-round. To find a Post near you,  visit www.BeAScout.org, enter your zip code, select “Exploring”, and get immediate information about Posts near you. You can also call us at (815) 942-4450.  Additionally, you can fill out our Contact Us Form with some quick information, and we’ll contact you!