Continued Support & One Time Donations

There are many ways to contribute to Scouting including Employer match, FOS, Endowments and Tributes. With your continued support, you insure that Scouts become outstanding citizens, such as yourself. Scouting teaches children and youths to be proud of their community, and to become strong leaders by overcoming obstacles and gaining confidence in learning to do it themselves. Scouting is scout led so young men and women take it upon themselves to learn and grown with the guidance of our many generous volunteers. Whether it’s a monetary donation, or a non-monetary donation, we make sure your resources are well spent. Endowments, tributes and memorial gifts are typically larger donation that provide resources that the Council that help us run our programs for another year. We are always grateful for such generosity and try to include any tributes in special events and dinners to show our appreciation. Sometimes we have needs that span monetary needs. Business owners can provide services at a discount, venues can lend us some time for an advancement or Board meeting, or maybe you know someone who has something from their early scouting years that might be considered priceless in the right hands. Thank you for your continued support!