Why Scouting

Why Scouting? Since 1910, Scouting hasn’t been so much about twigs and leaves, camping or hiking as it is about the spark. The spark may be a leader’s encouraging words, achieving a merit badge for engineering or going on a high adventure rafting trip. There’s no telling what the spark might be for a young person, but it just may ignite a fire within that burns his or her entire life. Prepared. For Adventure.  It’s a big world. Pack a map. Scouting is many young men and women’s introduction to the great outdoors and, most important, a lesson on their place in it. Prepared. For Leadership. Scouting builds leaders. Former Scouts sit on the boards of global corporations, walk the halls of the White House and have been known to occasionally go hiking on the moon. The life lessons young people learn in Scouting help them make good decisions throughout their life. Prepared. For Service. Many Scouts achieve more before the age of 18 than some people do in a lifetime. Best of all, they do it to not only improve themselves, but also their communities. Prepared. For Learning. Beyond outdoor adventures and programs, today’s Scouting uses innovation and technology to harness youth’s natural curiosity and prepare them for success. Ready to get started? Locate a Scouting unit near you.