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Insurance Overview


Comprehensive General Liability Insurance  

This coverage provides primary general liability coverage for registered volunteer Scouters with respect to claims arising out of an official Scouting activity. This coverage responds to allegations of negligent actions by third parties that results in personal injury or property damage claim that is made and provides protection for Scouting units, volunteer Scouts and chartering organizations.


Registered volunteers are provided primary coverage through the BSA general liability program, but not for vehicle or maritime (watercraft) liability, which is only on an excess basis; the owner's vehicle or maritime (watercraft) liability is primary. This insurance is available only while the vehicle or watercraft is in the actual use of a Scouting unit and being used for a Scouting purpose.


The insurance provided to unregistered Scouting volunteers through the general liability insurance program is excess over any other insurance the volunteer might have to his or her benefit, usually a homeowners, personal liability, or auto liability policy. 


The general liability policy does not provide indemnification or defense coverage to those individuals who commit intentional and/or criminal acts. The Boy Scouts of America does not have an insurance policy which provides defense for situations involving allegations of intentional and/or criminal acts.


Accident and Sickness Insurance

The Plan provides year-round coverage for injuries occurring anywhere in the world while:

  • Participating in an official Scouting activity. 
  • Traveling to and from official Scouting or Learning for Life activities. 

Coverage is provided for sickness that begins while the insured member is:

  • In attendance at an official overnight Scouting or Learning for Life activity or other covered event. 
  • Traveling to and from such an overnight or other covered event

Unauthorized and Restricted Activities

The Boy Scouts of America general liability policy provides coverage for a bodily injury or property damage claim that is made and arises out of an Official Scouting Activity. The Guide to Safe Scouting contains a listing of Unauthorized and Restricted Activities. Unauthorized activities are not considered Official Scouting Activities. Volunteers (registered and unregistered), Units, Chartered Organizations and Local Councils are jeopardizing insurance coverage for themselves and their organization by engaging in unauthorized activities. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK.