William D Boyce was the founder of the Boy Scouts in America. He was a wealthy man who took part in civil and community affairs. He learned about Scouting while stopping in London before embarking on an African expedition. 

Boyce believed in teaching Scouts to be self-reliant, resourceful, thoughtful, obedient, courageous, and more. He developed these traits into the different aspects of the BSA and the Scout Oath and Scout Law. He found that learning through nature and self reliance pushed a person to become the strongest version of themselves. By taking foundations of rural living, and the character building challenges that only living with nature can endure.

When he founded the BSA, he was living in Ottawa, Illinois, in his four-story mansion on approx 38 acres. He was an innovator, a philanthropist, and supporter in teaching the youth of America to become outstanding citizens. 

For that, we are proud to be one of the 13 Councils serving the State of Illinois, where William Boyce began the BSA in the early 1900s.

Rainbow Council is divided into 2 service areas, called districts, where the Scouting program is delivered to the local communities. 

Ishkote District 

Ishkote District serves the Southern half of Rainbow council. All the scouting units (pack, troops, crews) south of Interstate 80 belong to the Ishkote District. Ishkote is Ojibwa (Algonquin) for “Fire”.

Ishkote Council Contacts

District Executive
– If you have any questions, please reach out to Daniel.Stromberg@scouting.org, District Director
District Commissioner
Ryan Barrie
– ryan.t.barrie@gmail.com
District Chair
Fred Danielewicz
– dnlwcz1@yahoo.com



 Waapi Lenaswa Council 

Waapi Lenaswa serves the northern part of Rainbow Council, north of Interstate 80. Waapi means White and Lenaswa means Buffalo – the words are from the Miami Indians!

Waapi Lenaswa Contacts

District Executive
Jarvis Franklin
 – Jarvis.Franklin@scouting.org

District Commissioner
Chris Pride

District Chair 
Tom Courtney 
– tcourtney@screenflex.com