July 9 - Family Guides mailed to each registered scout

July 17 - Council Wide Kernal / Leader Training Dinner

August 1 - Sale Begins!

August 4 - Council Kick-Off SKY ZONE

August 6 - Show and Sell Order due to Trails End Popcorn System by 9:00 PM

August 10 - Council wide Show and Sell order submitted/finalized with Trails End

August 17 - Show and Sell pick-up Union #150

October 23 - ALL  UNIT Popcorn Orders incentives due to website by 9:00am

All Unit Popcorn and Prize orders placed ONLINE by 10:00 pm. No late orders will be allowed due to the extended sale date.

Email return quantities to Kris Przewoznik by 10:00 PM

November 2 - Popcorn Pick-up & Show and Sell Return

November 9 - All popcorn add-ons or errors emailed to the popcorn page

Adjustments will not be made after this date!!

January - $1,000 Club for Scouts

$1000 Club for movie experience themed t-shirts


Council staff will be signing off on scholarship forms December 3rd-6th and sending it out to trails end all together on the 7th.  
Please be sure that you follow the directions on the forms to ensure your Scouts get proper credit.  

The forms must be complete and include ALL required support documents before staff will sign them.


1. This completed form signed by your Council Popcorn Staff Advisor.
2. A copy of each paper order form used in the fall sale.
 3. A copy of your online sales report from www.trails-end.com.

Rainbow Council George S. McGee Service Center | 921 South State Street | Lockport, IL 60441

Questions or concerns please contact Kris Przewoznik